Monday, January 30, 2012

How Do I Explain This?

How do I begin....
     Well, we moved into this cute 'real' log cabin house in October.  Not far from Gettysburg, PA.  Beautiful land surrounds us.  Across the street, I notice a real old historical house that could have been around back when the civil war was going on.  
     Living in a house that is made of logs, you are bound to hear a lot of noises in the floors and walls.  About 1 month later, my son (who was 17, at the time) came up to me and said he had been hearing things at night.  I didn't think anything of it and told him not to worry, it's a log cabin and it was probably the wind that made the wood crack.  A week or so goes by and he comes to me and said, " I swear I heard tapping noises and someone was walking across the floor last night."  Well, I kinda thought to myself for a second, then told him.. don't worry about it.  It was probably nothing.  A couple days go by and a week goes by.  Then we were talking one day in the kitchen and he said, "I swear something is in my room.  I feel like something is hovering over me when I sleep."  At this point, I didn't know what to say.  I didn't want to frighten him.  So, I kinda blew the conversation in another direction.  My daughter, and husband both never said anything about hearing or seeing anything.  I mentioned this to my husband but kept it from my daughter.  We have 3 dogs and I started noticing that they were barking at the back bedroom and stairs.  Especially in the evenings.  
This one particular day, I had went to the store and talked to the teller, and she was telling me about some break in's that had taken place near us.  Later that evening, my daughter had left to go to the movies and my son and husband were at work.  The house was completely quiet.  It was around 5 o'clock.  It was starting to get chilly, so I thought I would make a fire in the wood stove but I needed to go get some sticks.  I gathered the dogs and my bucket and out we went.  When we got back, I started the fire then went over and started to make some tea.  Just then, I noticed my side door was opened.  I knew I shut it.  I shut the door and made some tea.  As the tea just was getting ready to boil, I heard footsteps walking across the wood floor, walking from my sons room and stopped at the hallway top of the steps.  It sounded like they were wearing boots.  My heart went in my throat, and immediately thought someone broke into my house.  I grabbed the shot gun and waited for my husband to get home.  They never moved, or came down the steps.  My husband searched the whole house.  No one was in there.  My son said, "do you believe me know?"  Later on, he comes down one morning and said "now my stuff is being moved around in my room."  Since then, I haven't heard anything.  My daughter hasn't heard anything.  My husband said to me, " there is someone here"  I asked him, "how do you know?"  he said " cause he came to me for a week straight and woke me up at 3 am.  He told me his name is John."  
My son is 18 years old now and has moved out.  Not because of the activity in which he has experienced, just for personal reasons.  My thing is now... Will is stop because he has moved out?
Is there really something here?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sleep Paralysis ~ Scientific Explanations And The Old Hag Legends

Sleep Paralysis has been known for a long time. Throughout the history of mankind there have been the reports of people awakening to feel a sense of weight on their chests and an inability to move their limbs to escape this pressure. People who experience this phenomena almost unanimously describe a feeling of panic and fear at their experience which can last long after the paralysis of their bodies has faded and they can move again. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Is My Mind Playing Tricks On Me?

My experience with the paranormal began when I was in high school.  I had started driving.  I remember things in my bedroom would always move around.  Especially on my dresser.  I would place my hair brush on the dresser and it wouldn't be there.  My bedroom would always remain cold no matter how hi I would turn the heat up.  I would get in trouble for turning it up so hi.  One day I remember I thought I had lost my wallet, but 3 months later it turned up in the stereo cabinet as if someone hid it from me.  I would put my coat on that was hung up in the coat closet and when I put my hands in the pockets their would be money in them.  One particular night I was watching t.v. in my bedroom, when I looked up and saw a ball of light moving across my bedroom wall.  It moved across to the left and disappeared then reappeared and moved acrossed to the right.  It didn't move very fast.  It did this about 3-4 times until I called my mom and sister in.  I told them what was happening and they waited to see the light, but it never happened.  They thought I was crazy. It wasn't long after that when I saw a boy floating above my bed.  He was looking out the window.  I was sleeping and went to roll over and I opened my eyes and there he was.  He was transparent, wearing dark clothing, dark hair parted on the side.  He didn't acknowledge me, he just was looking out the window.  I was so scared, that I got up and ran for the door.  I opened the door and before I ran, I turned around and he was still standing, floating above my bed looking out the window.  I ran into my sisters room.  I told her, there is some boy in my bedroom.  She got up and when we went into my room, he was gone.  I can never explain really what I saw or prove what I saw.  I only know, I am not crazy.  Are you being haunted?  Have you seen or experienced something that you can't explain?

Friday, January 20, 2012

What Are Shadow Creatures?

Many have spoken of them... either from personally seeing one or hearing accounts of others. These strange shadows that don't really have a face or a form... other than outlines. Some could have possible natural explanations... others remain a mystery. Are they manifestations of energy that are visible to the eye? Are they "watchers" of some sort, for other entities? Have they gotten a negative reputation unjustly, or are they evil in nature? One thing that is certain... many people have seen them, and many of them have very similar descriptions. There are some that see apparitions that seem to be animals, and some describe a menacing figure that appears to have a cloak on. Many speak of seeing a tall figure wearing a hat... often called "The Hat Man". While there are explanations that need to be ruled out... do those explanations cover all of these sightings? And if not... what are they?
While the notion of these beings is not new, the term "Shadow People" was used as the title of a radio show in the early 1950's. In looking at many different cultures, there are accounts of seeing these apparitions that date back hundreds of years. It is important to note however, that in modern culture, the phenomenon has gained in popularity since the early 1990's and reports of them before that were much smaller in number. There are also scientific explanations to be considered.
It is just as important to note that before it became popular to see them... they were indeed seen. The point that is debated is the cause. 

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Bobby Mackey's Music World And it is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in America

"Hell's Gate" Official Preview - The history of Bobby Mackey's Music World comes to life.

Bobby Mackey interview on FOX 19 News

More Great Information On The Ghosts At Bobby Mackys

The Ghosts At Bobby Mackeys

Bobby Mackey's Music World , One Of America's Most Haunted Places

Bobby Mackey's Music World is a tavern and a night club with a very violent past and the spirits from all the things that happened there in the past are said to still hang around today.
The building that was first built on this site was a slaughter house from 1850 until the late 1800's. There is a sealed well in the basement that was used to wash away the refuse from the slaughtered animals and many people say it was used for other sinister activities including some say Devil Worship and possibly even human sacrifice.
Their is a sign outside the building currently warning that there may be Paranormal Activity inside and that you should enter at your own risk.
There was a young woman named Pearl who fell in love with a dental student named Scott Jackson. It is said that he was a devil worshiper and a member of the slaughter house devil worshiping cult. Pearl became pregnant and Jackson did not want her to have the baby as he felt it would ruin his life. He along with a medical student who was also in the devil worshiping cult named Alonzo Walling druged and murdered Pearl by cutting off her head. The two men later told other inmates in the jail that they threw Pearls head down the well in the basement of the slaughter house. Her body with no head was found just outside the slaughter house building. The two men were tried and convicted for Pearls murder. Before being hung they were offered life in prison if they would tell where Pearls head was but they refused and the two men were hung.
The ghosts of the two men who were hung and a headless ghost who most people assume to be Pearl haunt the presnt building as do many other ghosts and the ghost of a black dog. The dog will be seen and some one will go to try to put it outside and the dog will be gone. The furniture in the current building will be moved around when the building is un occupied. Lights will be turned off or on and screams will come from the basement. Bob Mackey says that no employee will stay in the bar by themselfs.
Bob Mackeys Music World is located right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I got started...

Well, after seeing a man in my room when I was younger, and experienced this strange balls of light in our house, I always wanted to join a group, but thought it was impossible. (You know, seeing them on Tv and all) so when I moved to Fairfield Pa, I formed the group Fairfield Paranormal Society, I was living about 10-15 min from Gettysburg. I had always been skeptical about the paranormal but it fascinated me. While living in Fairfield, PA I visited Gettysburg, and my passion grew stronger while hearing all the ghost sittings in Gettysburg. I first joined other groups and read and read about the paranormal. I got tired of other groups not being serious so I then thought, why not start your own group? I ended up moving to Southern MD for 8 months and just moved back. While in southern MD, my passion had weakened. I relocated and moved back closer to my roots and thought, This Is It!!! I am doing it! I am now living in Taneytown, MD but kept our name Fairfield Paranormal Society. And this is how I got started. As for my group.. There are 7 of us. I am now forming a stable foundation for the group. We are planning to hit full force in 2012!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Paranormal Unity...

Paranormal Unity is when, we as paranormal investigators come together.  We as investigators have a job to do.  We dedicated ourselves to people and families in need, when they are frightened and have nowhere else to turn or no one else to turn to.  We understand their situation because we have all been there and that is what brought us here in the first place.  By our experiences, we share a passion.  By our passion, we are able to help people.  How are we able to help families when we don't help each other?  

Welcome to Fairfield Paranormal Society's Blog

Welcome to Fairfield Paranormal Society.  We appreciate you visiting our Blog and hope that we are able to help. We have been doing this for a number of years now.    We Pride Ourselves on Commitment and Honesty, While Dedicating Ourselves To Our Clients and their Families.    We are just individuals with a passion and respect for the paranormal. 

 Our mission is to help families bring piece back into there homes and life and to  investigate haunted places that has been known for paranormal activity, then document, and research our findings. 

We believe that research is the back bone to any investigation.  We believe in the Scientific Methodology.  We believe in debunking!  Our Investigators have Open Minds and are ready to find answers!  True to the heart and their work.  All have had personal experiences with the paranormal which has lead them to become investigators. 

  We will rule out what is not paranormal and give you honest answers. We will not mislead you in anyway. You and your family are our main priority.  We do understand it is hard to contact people like us.  We PROMISE to listen.  If you are having problems or just want answers to your questions or would like us to come out to your home or business, send me a email or call any time.