Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I got started...

Well, after seeing a man in my room when I was younger, and experienced this strange balls of light in our house, I always wanted to join a group, but thought it was impossible. (You know, seeing them on Tv and all) so when I moved to Fairfield Pa, I formed the group Fairfield Paranormal Society, I was living about 10-15 min from Gettysburg. I had always been skeptical about the paranormal but it fascinated me. While living in Fairfield, PA I visited Gettysburg, and my passion grew stronger while hearing all the ghost sittings in Gettysburg. I first joined other groups and read and read about the paranormal. I got tired of other groups not being serious so I then thought, why not start your own group? I ended up moving to Southern MD for 8 months and just moved back. While in southern MD, my passion had weakened. I relocated and moved back closer to my roots and thought, This Is It!!! I am doing it! I am now living in Taneytown, MD but kept our name Fairfield Paranormal Society. And this is how I got started. As for my group.. There are 7 of us. I am now forming a stable foundation for the group. We are planning to hit full force in 2012!

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