Friday, January 20, 2012

What Are Shadow Creatures?

Many have spoken of them... either from personally seeing one or hearing accounts of others. These strange shadows that don't really have a face or a form... other than outlines. Some could have possible natural explanations... others remain a mystery. Are they manifestations of energy that are visible to the eye? Are they "watchers" of some sort, for other entities? Have they gotten a negative reputation unjustly, or are they evil in nature? One thing that is certain... many people have seen them, and many of them have very similar descriptions. There are some that see apparitions that seem to be animals, and some describe a menacing figure that appears to have a cloak on. Many speak of seeing a tall figure wearing a hat... often called "The Hat Man". While there are explanations that need to be ruled out... do those explanations cover all of these sightings? And if not... what are they?
While the notion of these beings is not new, the term "Shadow People" was used as the title of a radio show in the early 1950's. In looking at many different cultures, there are accounts of seeing these apparitions that date back hundreds of years. It is important to note however, that in modern culture, the phenomenon has gained in popularity since the early 1990's and reports of them before that were much smaller in number. There are also scientific explanations to be considered.
It is just as important to note that before it became popular to see them... they were indeed seen. The point that is debated is the cause. 

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