Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Fairfield Paranormal Society's Blog

Welcome to Fairfield Paranormal Society.  We appreciate you visiting our Blog and hope that we are able to help. We have been doing this for a number of years now.    We Pride Ourselves on Commitment and Honesty, While Dedicating Ourselves To Our Clients and their Families.    We are just individuals with a passion and respect for the paranormal. 

 Our mission is to help families bring piece back into there homes and life and to  investigate haunted places that has been known for paranormal activity, then document, and research our findings. 

We believe that research is the back bone to any investigation.  We believe in the Scientific Methodology.  We believe in debunking!  Our Investigators have Open Minds and are ready to find answers!  True to the heart and their work.  All have had personal experiences with the paranormal which has lead them to become investigators. 

  We will rule out what is not paranormal and give you honest answers. We will not mislead you in anyway. You and your family are our main priority.  We do understand it is hard to contact people like us.  We PROMISE to listen.  If you are having problems or just want answers to your questions or would like us to come out to your home or business, send me a email or call any time. 


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