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Welcome to Fairfield Paranormal Society

Fairfield Paranormal Society offers superior, personalized service in the Taneytown, Maryland, PA and surounding  area's.  If you are looking for high quality and professional services, you've come to the right place!  WE CAN GIVE REFERENCES!

Fairfield Paranormal Society is located in Taneytown, Maryland.   I founded this group to investigate the supernatural, spiritual haunting's and other haunted activity and hope to educate and help families who have nowhere to turn.  

About 75% of suspected hauntings can be easily explained and are not hauntings at all.  But, there are 25% that are legitimate and cannot be easily explained.  Regardless, we do not try to prove there is a haunting, we try to debunk the haunting first and then after everything has been eliminated  only then, with research, documentation, and most of all- the physical evidence captured, can we better understand what is going on.

 As being a paranormal investigator, our job is to try to eliminate all natural and logical explanations and causes.  

We Pride Ourselves on Commitment and Honesty, Conducting Our Investigations With Integrity, While supporting Unity in the paranormal community. We are on a quest to seek out answers to questions that have yet to be answered. We are commited to helping families bring peace back into their lives as well as their homes. F.P.S. is very loyal, and dedicated to there families as well as there community. While servicing
our families we also participate in giving back to the community.

Our Mission

Your Contact Person at Fairfield Paranormal Society

Leslie Nicol Vaselaros
Founder/ Case Manager / Investigator

 My paranormal experiences range from seeing "balls of light" going across my wall,  witnessing moving objects, hearing spirit whispering, hearing footsteps, seen shadow people, to seeing a full body apparition.  

I have lived in Carroll County Maryland all my life.

 I have investigated
numerous places,  just to include a few; 

Baladerry Inn Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA
Hadco Lighting Company in Littlestown, PA
 Accomic Inn in Wrightsville, PA
Ramblewood Mansion, MD

Most of what I have learned is through my experiences.  Experiences as an Investigator and as the innocent one being haunted.  I have learned through reading hours of research and reviewing hours of live footage, trying to come up with a scientific explanation for the paranormal.
Robert Stevenson- Lead Investigator/ Tech Manager

Bobby Stevenson- Investigator

Alicia Miles- Investigator in Training

Our Paranormal Services: Comprehensive and Individual

Fairfield Paranormal Society offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. You can place your trust in our reliable services. We can definitely find the right solution for you!

Thanks to the influx of ghost-hunting shows, groups are popping up like weeds. While most have great intentions, most new groups disappear within two years. We're not in this for "thrills and chills". We are here to help people. We also get along well, and love doing this so there is no worry about us disappearing. We will be here in the future for you as well. Once we do your investigation, we're still just a phone call or email away.

We operate with very strict rules - however, you won't find a more professional bunch. We are very picky with the selection of team members. We maintain a small number of investigators that we are very familiar with. It may just be easier to enter the White House uninvited than it is to join our group. 

We operate with your privacy in mind. We do not provide or sell your information without your written approval. We can not discuss your personal information to anyone outside of this group. We treat your information like we would ours.  

No Fairfield Paranormal Society decals on our vehicles.  We do not want to be noticed, so you don't have to explain to your neighbors why there was a group of people with gadgets on your front lawn. For those nosy neighbors, it looks like you are just having a dinner party. 

We walk into each investigation with skepticism.  We do not walk in thinking every place is haunted. We need to be open for logical answers first - then look towards the paranormal for things that can not be explained.

You won't receive just a "Yeah, it's haunted." statement. You will receive a personalized and detailed report at the end of the investigation with a copy of all evidence gathered. 

Again, we won't just say whether or not your place is haunted. We will teach you about paranormal entities and how to coexist or how to try to abate your situation. We will also continue to support you when you need it well after the investigation. Just like we said before...we're here to stay. 

We strive to be the best paranormal investigators in the area - that is our goal.  We appreciate that you are considering us - if you have any questions, please use our "contact us" option.

  • There is never a charge, hidden fee, or surcharges.  There is never a sales pitch. No fine print, no tricks. Our goal is to help people, educate them,  and further knowledge of the paranormal.

Why Choose Us

  • We're not going anywhere!
  • Ultra-professional
  • Confidential and Private
  • Discreet Investigations
  • We keep open minds
  • Personalized Report 
  • Education and Support
  • All Services ARE FREE!

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